capt The artist ZTY 82 also known as LIPS, accomplished designer and working art director, deals with interface between painting, design and collage art in his works – in this sense, his particular attention applies to style research. The choice of the medium itself plays less of a roll for him than the idea of the actual work itself as the pragmatic view of the objects in his work. Contrary to the views of most architects and designers who see the technical functions and use of objects as being in the foreground, design and inspiration are the main function for ZTY ’s work. For the artist himself it is always important not only to work constructively but also emotionally. “The beauty in the works is that no limits or clients exist that can influence the creation process or the result. A large challenge for every designer is to have no limits and to work without set guidelines. If one adopts this philosophy, one can the open a great new many paths for oneself and for the viewer. Of particular interest to me is the crossing of boundaries between multiple disciplines.“ capt

latest exhibitions:
wownow groupshow london, escape 2010 vienna, udk openhouse berlin, popup festival lisboa